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Welcome to the website of the Northcote Town Hall.

The website contains information on the function rooms and history of the Northcote Town Hall.

The site is optimised for home use and graphics have been saved with a low resolution to aid download speeds.

Outside Northcote Town Hall
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The website has been designed for easy access and navigation. You can browse through categories on the top and left hand side of your screen, or use the A-Z Index or Search to find specific topics.

Updating information is an ongoing process and all attempts were made to ensure the information is current and accurate.

All images are reduced in size and number to allow faster download. Alternative text is also provided for each image.

The Search function is database driven and allows users to search web pages and document titles. Access to the Search function is available on every page, on the top right hand corner.

Using a content management system, the Northcote Town Hall website complies with World Wide Consortium (WC3) Level 1 accreditation, with some Level 2 accreditation. This Level includes accessible features such as:

Remove Images an option which removes all images from the site, leaving a standard text-based website;

Larger fonts option available for those of poor vision or smaller monitor resolution;

Alternative text for all images gives users further information of each image available.

Displayed on the top of every page, breadcrumbs allow visitors to track every page they have visited, and navigate the site.

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This feature appears on most content pages, allowing users to print onscreen information in an A4 format.

You can register to receive an update via email any time a page changes on the Northcote Town Hall website. You will need to register on the Subscribe page by including your email address, and selecting the pages you are interested in.

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An interim page will inform users they are leaving the Northcote Town Hall website.

Further Information
Should you have any problems, concerns or suggestions about the Northcote Town Hall website, please fill out our Contact Us form.

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