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 Wednesday, 13 November 2013

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NTH Facade image by Mark Wilkinson
For information about the artwork currently screening on projectarT follow the links on our Art Exhibitions page.
Interim Curatorial Policy for projectarT


The City of Darebin has since its formation been committed to cultural development and the advancement of professional artistic practice and promoting the arts as an effective means of promoting community engagement, community well being, and economic development. One of the methods of achieving this has been to develop first class facilities for making art happen such as the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre (Darebin’s public art gallery) and Northcote Town Hall Arts Community & Culture centre. Another mechanism has been an extensive public art program which now includes projectarT. Supporting artists to create art, Darebin has leant towards the contemporary and innovative. projectarT is another opportunity for supporting cultural development and contemporary art making.

projectarT is a facility (the ‘Space’) to enable the projection of digital art onto the south wall of the Northcote Town Hall overlooking the Civic Square. Projection was part of the original design concept for the square. The use of computers to generate the projections means what is projected can be readily changed and it is believed that changing what is viewed will add considerable vitality and interest to the civic square. The major thematic underpinning for the design of the Northcote Civic Square has been the Indigenous cultural history of the area and the space is intended to reflect the more recent social and cultural context of the Darebin’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents and a significant block of time during the year has been set aside for the projection of works commissioned from Indigenous artists.

PURPOSE of projectarT

The main purpose of the space is to

• provide permanent setting for presentation of ‘new media’;
• provide a virtual canvas for indigenous artists & non-indigenous artists to explore and advance their skills in ‘new media’ forms;
• enhance the Civic Square;
• expose new audiences to ‘new media’ forms;
• provide a vehicle for broad social and artistic comment
• promote Northcote Town Hall and the Northcote arts precinct; and,
• provide a supportive context for the ‘new media’ business incubator proposed for old Northcote Police Station on the western boundary of the Civic Square.


An exhibition will be commissioned from an Indigenous artist and will run for at least 6 months of the year. It is proposed to commission a new exhibition from an Indigenous artist/s every 12 months.

At other times (up to four months of the year) the space will be offered to major users of the arts facilities at Northcote Town Hall (i.e. Melbourne Fringe Festival, Darebin Music Feast, Northern Exposure) to commission an exhibition aligned with their use.

As well, another portion of time (two or three months) will be allocated to artists who request to exhibit and are selected by an open ‘expression of interest’ process.


• The management of the promotion of the Space and the organisation of the selection of exhibitions will be the responsibility of the Arts & Culture Branch of Darebin City Council
• The daily switching on and off of the projector will be the responsibility of Northcote Town Hall.
• As an interim measure selection/approval of all exhibitions will be the responsibility of Manager of the Arts & Culture Branch of Darebin City Council


General guidelines for the art work both commissioned and selected from requests to exhibit through the Expression of Interest process would be that it is:
• new and developed specifically for this space;
• innovative and contemporary in style and content; and,
• practical and appropriate considering the physical limitations of the Space.

Planning guidelines dictate that the work can not be directly promotional or construed as advertising. Therefore the work projected cannot refer to specific activities taking place in Northcote Town Hall or environs.

As the work may include images drawn from many sources, the work must not infringe the copyright of other and the artist/s must obtain the necessary consents where appropriate.

As the work is in a public space it should be in keeping with the general community values of Darebin in particular tolerance and respect for others. As this is a public space the work must be suitable for viewing by young children.

The Space will foster work by artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and artists with a disability.

Projections must comply with certain technical requirements and formats specified by the Arts & Culture Branch. It is important that these requirements and timelines for supply of art work are discussed with the Arts & Culture Branch well in advance of the schedule exhibition date.


Applications to the City of Darebin for work to be displayed through the ProjectarT cannot be advertised or promoted until formal approval of art work, content and signage are approved and given in writing.


Other than work directly commissioned from an artist by the City of Darebin, all costs must be met by the organisation or artist requesting and then accepted to exhibit. The Space is free and the running costs of projection will be met by the City of Darebin.

Organisations and artists exhibiting cannot charge a fee for viewing or request donations.

If work exhibited is subsequently sold there is no commission payable to the City of Darebin


Any acknowledgement of support or sponsorship is restricted to accompanying explanatory panels and not incorporated into the projected work itself or where usual, such as with video art, it may be contained in end credits. In such a case these credits do not last longer than that which usual for end credits.

The City of Darebin needs to be acknowledged in promotional material.


Normal hours of display will be from sunset to 11pm, Wednesday to Saturday and varied by agreement.


The projector runs automatically and can fail to run because of human error, mechanical, software or power failures. The City of Darebin can not guarantee that a scheduled projection will run at the agreed times and/or if failure occurs be able to rectify the situation promptly. The Projector does not operate in the rain.


Expressions of Interest: projectarT
Darebin City Council
Ph: (03) 9481 9500


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