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 Thursday, 18 October 2018

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Specific Gravity

Artist: Fiona Fitzgerald
Titled: To Meet Styx
Object: Earrings
Materials: Oxidised sterling silver, 24ct gold foil, Tahitian Keshi Pearls, ‘African Turquoise’ jasper beads.

Artist statement: Borne from past life memories and experiences gained as an energetic healer, my work explores the nature of once splintered facets. Each piece represents a point in time; the weight of it’s acceptance, and it’s lightness made whole. In opposition to the sentimentality often associated with jewellery I create to respect passage and release.

To Meet Styx
Artist: Audrey Tan
Titled: Abstractions of non-time (sitting, bored, nervous, listening, waiting)
Object: Brooches
Materials: Vitreous enamel, copper, fine silver, mild steel, stainless steel

Artist Statement: My practice engages with the formalism of detritus, mementos of the ephemeral, and collecting relics of the everyday as an archive of everything. I am interested in how objects are absorbers of energy, and markers of time, site, and self.

Abstractions of non-time (sitting, bored, nervous, listening, waiting)
Artist: Holly Gregory
Titled: No °1, No °2, No °3
Object: Vessels
Materials: oxidised copper

Artist Statement: This work juxtaposes the processes and practices of silversmithing and drawing. However where the drawing is intangible and inextricably tied to the conceptual realm, the work relishes in its own object-hood, in the tangibility of its physicality, form and materiality. - alluding to nothing beyond its literal presence in space.

Vessels - No °1, No °2, No °3
Artist: Darcy Mim
Titled: Damascus Rings
Object: Rings size ‘T’
Materials: 1095 carbon steel, 15n20 nickel steel, sterling silver

Artist Statement: My craft is inspired by the infinite and fascinating ways in which metals are manipulated. They are shaped aesthetically and structurally into pieces that reflect centuries of evolution and discovery in the craft. I make purely for the pleasure and satisfaction of making, and my work is designed around the techniques that draw my curiosity and challenge me.

Damascus Rings
Images by Andrew Barcham

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